What is a Comic Jam? Basically, one person draws a comic panel, then another person looks at it and draws the next panel. The process continues like that until the page is filled.

The In Person Comic Jam occurs on the last Sunday of every month (except December) in the backroom of the Cameron House, the live Toronto Comic Jam happens 7-11 pm, please feel free to join us!

Every month, a book of the previous month’s pages is printed and made available, the pages can also be viewed online on this site.

The online version of the Toronto Comic Jam is basically the same. To join the online version, just follow the instructions on the Register page.

Our History

Dave Howard staged the first Toronto Comic Jam on Nov 26 1996 at the El Mocambo. Six people showed up, including Matt Daley. It was at the El Mocambo for a year, when Vesna Mostovac put in a word for the jam and it moved to the Cameron House.

Alan Bunce did most of the jam books for the first years, he got the jam free printing from Nelvana. Dave Howard stopped running the Jam in 2004, after 8 years. For the following 20 years in various capacities and for different periods of time, David Bragdon, Thomas John King, Squishy Zannson and Dalton Sharp organized the jams, created activities for it, laid out, printed and delivered the jam books, their contributions greatly appreciated. As of late, Dave Howard and Dalton Sharp has been organizing & coordinating the Jam with the help of David Bragdon. The online version of the Toronto Comic Jam debuted on March 31 2020 and is still going.